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About Brandi

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California then lived in the L.A area, Maryland, DC, back to the L.A area, and now I’m on the airwaves with you! I’m a single mom, a foster mom, a grandmother…umm…make that a MèMè..the “G” word is not allowed in my house as I’m way too young! I am a disaster in the kitchen, but as a germaphobe I have mad skills with a sponge and a bottle of bleach. I love all things purple and JESUS! I am honored to get to do life with you.

  • Favorite KTSY Artist: Oh man, there are so many! But right now, I just love CeCe Winans. She’s such a classic, her voice is so pure, and to watch her come back and how she is wowing this generation like she’s been doing for decades is just amazing. Her voice is a true gift and her songs usher you into the presence of God in a powerful way!
  • Best Advice I’ve Been Given: “Each day is a gift God has given us, and each moment of our day is in HIS hands.”
  • Fun Fact About Myself: I am absolutely obsessed with the color purple. I might in fact need to talk to someone about this! Something about the color purple–all shades–catches my eye and just makes me happy! Happy by the way is my “life word” for this year.

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