About Melony

I was born and raised Fargo, ND (uffday), and have spent time in Minneapolis, MN, Palm Springs, CA, Orlando, FL and Kansas City, KS. I’ve living a life I never imagined being a single mom to three amazing, nearly grown kids. It has afforded a view of just how faithful our God is! As my kids grow and begin to ‘leave the nest’, there are two kids that stay faithfully home: Bella, the terrier cross and Watson, the cuddly cocker spaniel. I am definitely a dog person ALL THE WAY!

When we follow Him, Jesus never promises an easy life here in this very broken world running further and further from Him. BUT He did promise to STAY and BE PRESENT and that He has a PLAN and a FUTURE for us! For me personally, He has proved He is faithful to His promises many times through so many songs at KTSY. What an honor and responsibility to be able to share that kind of Hope with others–to watch God meet people right where they are at.

  • Favorite KTSY Artist: This is simply impossible to answer! I LOVE them all, but it really does depend on where I am and what song is speaking to me at that time.
  • Best Advice I’ve Been Given: It sounds simple, but it really has worked through trauma and so many other times in my life: “JUST BREATHE.” When I’m overwhelmed with anxiety or fear, my whole system shuts down–my emotions, my thought process, my peace. They’re all gone. In that moment, I focus on my breathing. Deep breathes in, I think to myself “The Lord is my Shepherd.” On the slow breath out, I recite, “I have all that I need.” I repeat it over and over until peace returns.
  • Fun Fact About Myself: I love being around water. It makes me feel alive! I have one dream: to live by the water someday. I’m not sure if it will be a lake, mountain stream or ocean beach, but I can’t wait to fall asleep listening to the water!
  • Last Show I Binged: My daughter and I started watching Heartland together. We’ve both have had a love of horses for a very long time. Now she’s inspired to have a career in equine sciences. It’s amazing to watch your kids’ passions grow.

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