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Boise, ID

About Dave

I love our listeners at KTSY and hearing their stories about how they’ve been encouraged and found hope from listening. The 3:45 AM alarm can be a grind but then when someone calls in because they want to share what they’re going through–anything from being cancer free, or just losing a loved one the night before–I know I’m right where God needs me to be. Sharing the studio with Tristi is a blast! Each morning we plan out the show asking ourselves what can we share today that will encourage our listeners. Sometimes serious, sometimes fun and goofy–but always with them in mind.

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About Tristi

I’ve been a fan of KTSY since it went on the air in 1990. I gave money to support it so I could listen on my clock radio. I loved lots of different kinds of music growing up in Boise and listened to my co-host, Dave Arthur, on many of our local stations throughout the years. Now we get to do a Morning Show together on my favorite station and I’ve been having a blast sharing life with our KTSY family!

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